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Here at MudRock4x4, we are Jeep and Truck enthusiasts as well!SEMA Members
While we don't stock everything, we can get anything for your Jeep, Truck and UTV! Call us at 615-900-1625 or email us at our Contact Us page
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4x4 Shop Near me
Our passion is 4x4 off-roading. It started when my wife first purchased her 2018 Jeep Wrangler JK - stock everything. Now it is as a mini-rock-crawling monster with virtually every accessory and modification yiou can imagine. If your jeep is stock, start with the small things like grab handles, D-rings, cube lights, a sun shade, soft top, or a gas can. Then work your way up to replacing the fenders, bumpers, winch, jack, doors, tires, and more! Then work towards the lift kit that you want, change out the shocks, get bigger tires, and take that machine off road!

Not sure where to start? Stop by the shop and we will give you great suggestions on where to begin! We will ask you a few basic questions that will help shape your vehicle to be exactly what you want it to be with the capabilities of going off-road and still looking good while mall crawling. We can also get you everything you need to be trail ready and make sure you have all the safety equipment needed.
Jeep customization near me

Jeep Installation near me
WARNING: Jeep and Truck modification can be extremely addicting and is outrageously fun! The possibilities are endless when it comes to customizing your vehicle. If you have a crazy idea or need custom fabrication, reach out to us! Your vehicle represents your personality and your imagination, meanwhile we bring those dreams and ideas to life!TORA Membership

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